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Where dreams come true and the only limit is your imagination

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Books, short stories and poems can open doorways into your imagination

Tia Ross currently has multiple titles available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Scribd and Smashwords.

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Mystic Realms (Book 1)

One girl destined to save many. A secret society sworn to protect her. Mica had been moving from place to place for as long as she could remember, but this time was different. Maui actually felt like home. She'd made so many friends, she was really hoping they wouldn't be moving again.What Mica didn't know, was that she'd been moving around so much because her mother was protecting her, if they ever found her....If it was the last thing Reya did, she would protect her daughter.Their time on the island was coming to an end, they'd already stayed too long.Little did she know that her time had just run out. Funny thing about fate, no matter how far or fast you run - you can't out run it.Eventually it catches up to you.

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Mystic Realms Series
(Available in large print)

Mica had discovered who she really was. After being utterly alone for so long, she'd found Skylar and Argenta, two of the best friends anyone could ask for. Mica was strong, but not even she fully knew the true depth of her powers. All she knew was that a prophecy claimed that she, Skylar and Argenta were destined to save the world. Prophecy or not, everything she knew and loved was now being threatened. Skylar was gone! Someone had taken her right from under them. Mica was devastated. Her world was shattering. If it was the last thing she did - she would find Skylar and fulfill their destiny. The world depended on it.

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                  Mystic Realms book 3

Every beginning has an end.  Events are aligning that will bring mankind's turbulent existence to a catastrophic end.  Prophecy long ago foretold of a darkness that would consume the land, unless the chosen stood together to fight it.

The Darkness has arrived.  There are creatures everywhere. The appointed time is here.

The chosen are in for the fight of their lives. Everyone may not make it. Will destiny be fulfilled or will Darkness prevail?

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Dreams can come true

An artist and writer, Tia also likes to dabble in photography. Drawing since she was 9 years old, it is one of the loves of her life, relaxing and bringing her peace.  

Writing a novel is something Tia has always wanted to try, so, she wrote "In the Blink of an Eye." It's her first endeavor into the writing world. Hopefully you will enjoy reading it as much as she loved writing it. 

Two more books complete the Trilogy, The Darkness and The Prophecy. These books continue the journey into this intricate and exciting world, twisting and turning, taking you in directions you would never expect.  Be sure to grab them all!

Tia's love of art first emerged in the 3rd grade. She drew a picture of E.T. for a contest and won!  Her drawing was featured on a t-shirt.  From there her drawing took a back seat until she was 12.

At 12 she took an art class as an elective and her desire for drawing was reborn. Several of the pictures on this site are from her 12 year old drawing phase - the lady in lace is one of the very first pictures she drew.

Tia loves to play volleyball, watch her daughter, Hunter play club volleyball and to travel and spend time with her friends.

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