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Such an exciting time - I'll be on Goodreads soon - the author page is up; books should be there tomorrow!

Amazon Author Central

Amazon has this amazing thing called Amazon Central - it lists all my books in one spot plus some information about me, check it out.

Great time buy

The Smashwords site is having their summer sale. It's running 1 - 31 July only. All of my books are at least 50% off. It's a great time...

Limited Time offer!

Get my first book "In the Blink of an Eye" for free the entire month of July. That's right, July 1-31, 2020. Use the link: <div...

What about me?

Drawnig relaexes me. Writing calms me. Traveling excites me. Dancing sets my soul on fire! My imagination takes me to insane places. ...

Dream a little

Every child is born with the one thing most adults would die to avid imagination. Children have imaginary friends, see...

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