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Dream a little

Every child is born with the one thing most adults would die to avid imagination. Children have imaginary friends, see castles in the clouds, build forts out of pillows and blankets - their imaginations take them to amazing places, providing hours of entertainment. Somewhere along the way, adults lose the capacity to imagine. The best scenario - adults with vivid imaginations get written off as dreamers, while the worst scenario - they get labeled as crazy or delusional. But are they really delusional or crazy? No way! The world needs dreamers - people who aren't scared to imagine the impossible. Once upon a time, flying to the moon was a dream. Now we venture into space regularly. Did you ever think that one day we'd have self driving cars? Well, pretty soon that too will be a reality too. I bet one day we'll even have flying cars and live amongst the clouds in floating habitats. So, my advice.....never stop using your imagination...dream a little. You never know where your imagination might take you.

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